Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Shadowhunter's Codex by Cassandra Clare Book Review by Eleni

Author: Cassandra Clare
Release Date: October 29th 2013
Publisher: McElderly Books
Pages: 288
Rating: 2 stars
Buy at: Barnes and Noble, Amazon

Delve into the details of all things Shadowhunter with this illustrated guide to the knowledge and lore of the Shadowhunter world.

Since the thirteenth century, the Shadowhunter’s Codex has been the one and only manual for Shadowhunters looking to brush up on their demon languages, learn proper stele use, and discover just what exactly a pyxis is. Featured in both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, this guide is a necessity for any young Nephilim on their journey to becoming a Shadowhunter. Beautifully illustrated, the Codex contains images of the famous Shadowhunter homeland of Idris, as well as depictions of demons and other Downworlders.


Before you condemn me to the depths of Hell for the 2 stars that I gave to the book please let me tell you that I am a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices. So what went wrong with this one? I will tell you.

I hated hated hated the fact that Clare decided to write this book. First of all, there is nothing new in this book expect the funny scribbles of Jace, Clary and Simon on the margins of the page. That made me laugh hence the two stars. Other than that I think the book was destined to be a merchandising trap for MI fans around the world. Clare spend those pages for things we already know and learned through the series. both ID and IM. 

I thought the book would be written in a more sophisticated way, it would be more stern and give the impression of something serious but it was exactly the opposite. The writing was not as I expected it to be and that was really bad because it ruined the whole experience with the Sacred Book of the Shadowhunters.

It gave me the feeling that it was written in a haste and that the author was two timing it with something else. I hated it and it left me dissapointed because I was looking forward to it.

So my opinion is dont read this book there is nothing new in there or something that you will need for the last book of the Mortal Instrument Series.

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