Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2015 Book Challenge #3: The Jessica Sorensen Project

This year I read two books by Jessica Sorensen and I intasntly fell in love. I loved the writing, the realistic characters and of course the plot, the way her stories came to be. For 2015 I plan to read all of her series and yes it is not a challenge, more like a proect because it can take a lot more than a year to read all her books. 
These are her series and books I intent to read:

  1. The Coincidence Series
  2. Unbeautiful Series
  3. The Secret Series
  4. Nova Series
  5. Sins Series
  6. Unraveling Yo
  7. Fateful Alure
  8. Shattered Promises
  9. Death Collectors X 

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