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Who is Your Baby Daddy? by I. Ronik (review by Sharon)

Author:I. Ronik
Date published: 5th January 2014
Publisher: I. Ronik
Series: Vapid Vixens (book 3)
Pages: 80 pages.
Rating: 5 stars!
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Note: though it's the third book in a series, each book has a different set of characters and can ve read as a stand alone.
"Please note this book is a romantic parody. It is not intended to be taken as a serious romance. As a matter of fact, for optimum results the author recommends you read it in your best "Valley Girl" voice. ;)

When Jasmine's best friend and roommate tells her she's pregnant, Jasmine is less than overjoyed. Especially when Roni tells her that she isn't sure just who the father is. Complicating matters is Jasmine's unwelcome attraction to her billionaire playboy boss. What follows is a mind-blowing journey down the trail to motherhood that will test the bounds of their friendship and the limits of Jasmine's patience.

"Who's Your Baby Daddy?" is an erotic romance parody short story intended for mature audiences only. Length - approximately 23,000 words"


By I.Ronik tradition we are in for a treat once again. Unlike the previous two shorts I liked this one a lot. In the previous two books I understood the irony but had a problem connecting to the humor. 

I connected here all right. Right from start I found myself laughing, hard. As the name and the cover might here we have a parody on the ridiculous 'baby plot' which if you are a romance reader you're probably well acquainted with. 

This plot is one of my most hated plot lines. I don't mind babies; I love them just not as a plot line in my books. Especially when done so stupidly so, e.g- "Jinoxious was a millionaire that had slept with the best women. He was rich, beautiful and successful and he liked his women to match his car. But when he so the marvelous, beauty that was Timaina he knew he wanted her. One passionate night with the virgin was all he planned on. But Timaina became pregnant and Jinoxious had decided he was going to have his mistress and his child, no matter what he had to do to get them" =_= *


So here we have a laugh at that plotline, not like the example I just gave, but no matter the various colors this plotline might wear, under the beautiful dressed it is the plotline all the same. 

So let's start this. Since some part of this book takes you by surprise, I have decided to talk only about the feeling this book evoked in me. 

It started with a snicker and a small laugh the soon evolved into a "I'm laughing so hard I can hardly breathe" sort of laugh, that felt just SO good. Then it was a little funny and a lot hot and I started to enjoy it as you would a serious book and not a parody. 

Some shit went totally crazy and I even felt a little sad for a moment there. I. Ronik wrote this one so well I felt like I could like the 'baby plot' if she was the one to write it. 

Then, shit escalated and I wasn't happy anymore I was a little mad, somewhere along the line I forgot this was a parody and I started to take thing seriously. Almost to seriously, and right when I was ready to flip the table and call it quits I. Ronik delivered her punch line, which was a really good punch line and I found myself laughing again. Remembering it's a parody and a good one at that. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this time the sense of humor fit me just right. 

Recommended if you are searching for a short read with a good laugh, especially if you are a resident of the romanceladia who knows that sometimes these tropes get so ridiculous…yeah, I know, they are fun but reading them in a parody is also fun ;)

A review copy was provided by I. Ronik through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 

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