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Lauren Layne Party, part 9- Made for You by Lauren Layne (review by Sharon)

Author: Lauren Layne
Date published: 28 October 2014
Publisher: Forever
Series: The Best Mistake 2
Pages: 320 pages.
Rating:  3.5 stars!
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Some mistakes are worth making...

Lauren Layne's Best Mistake series continues with MADE FOR YOU.

When the Wrong Guy is Oh-So-Right Will Thatcher is exactly the type of sexy playboy good girls like Brynn have always avoided. And yet there was still something about him she just couldn't resist. When Will moved across the country three years ago, Brynn vowed it was time to put him behind her. She never thought Will might have other plans . . . Back in town, Will intends to get what he's always wanted-gorgeous, unforgettable Brynn. For years, he tormented the untouchable ice princess in a desperate bid for her attention. Now he has a new plan, and he'll do anything to rewrite their stormy past. This time, he's out to show Brynn that the imperfect man might be the best mistake of her life . . . 

Three years ago Brynn had a series of one night stands with her sister's best friend- Will Thatcher. Then, Will moved away and now he is back to win Brynn for good. 

Brynn Dalton is a proper girl. She dates the perfect guys, she is susccesfull at work, her life is planned and arranged down to the smallest little details. However, she is not happy. Ever since Will left she hadn't been able to forget him.

Will Thatcher is Sophie's best friend, he made he's own money. He is not conventional, he's a player (mostly) and just like Sophie he is also very happy just to be living. Supposedly with not many ambitions. 

Now he wants Brynn once and for all. 

Will Thatcher always liked Brynn, all the way back their high school days when he used to pick up on her like an eight years old picking on the ponytails of his secret crush. However, Brynn never thought it funny.

Brynn had a lot to deal with- if Sophie's book was all about her growing up and taking responsibility, then Brynn book is all about giving up control.

You see, Brynn is one of those extreme types that have everything organized with a 50 years plan, right down to the number of kids and the type of the dog. Maybe I'm exaggerating. But I think you get the point.

And now she had so much to deal with- things aren't going according to her plan and there was her attraction to Will, add her feelings to him that range from something she can't quite express and their rivalry all these years, also the fact they slept a few times before he left town and the fact that he is everything she doesn't want or search for in a man.

I have to admit I was just a little sorry for the poor girl. As for Will- well I loved him from the first time I met him in Only with You, so it was nice to see him finally getting what he wanted all these years (even if he had to be patient and work hard for it. Frankly I just wanted him to be happy)

And though I didn't much liked Brynn in Only with You (I didn't have much of an opnion of her- because while I understood her I didn't like some of her attitude toward Sophie) she did warm up on me while I read Made for You. 

In the end I think Brynn and Will really did fit each other. My only problem is that even though there were fun moments and it was written with Lauren Layne trademark it still wasn't as good as her Stiletto series or even her Redmption series. Which is completley understandable as this series is actually her first (even though not her first published). Still, I know what Lauren Layne is capable off and my rating is in accordance, 

This is still a recommanded, good, funny, light and fun read with  characters to love. It's just not her best. 

A review copy was kindly provided  by Forever Grand Centeral Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you. 

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