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Bonjour Cherie by Robin Thomas

Author: Robin Thomas
Publisher: Escape Publishing - Harlequin Enterprises, Australia Pty Ltd
Date published: 1 September 2013
Pages: 89 pages
Rating:  3 stars
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"It's Paris or bust in this New Adult comedy of errors about seeing beyond the surface...

Beth Jenkins is into all things French — especially her French teacher, André LeBlanc. She’s on the fast track to Paris and nothing will stop her, not even the very Australian Zach Mills, whose abs and attitude are a powerful combination. As she endeavours to catch André’s interest, she also stubbornly ignores the growing chemistry with Zach. 

But as mishap after mishap delays her dreams, Beth begins to learn that neither Zach nor André are quite what they seem. Will it be too late to win the one man who shows her that Paris is not the only destination worth planning for?"

Bonjour Cherie is this cute short story romance that has a bubbly heroine's voice. Beth, with her obsession to all things french and her foolish determination, is hard not to love.

However, that and the guy's niceness are the only thing I liked about this book. 

Yes, it has funny moments but as times it dragged too long (which says a lot for a short story)

Yes, the wrap up was nice and the author didn't go overboard with anything, but....For such a short read it failed somewhere very important to me- characterisation and love. 

All the characters are exactly what they appear to be from start, there's nothing to be explored about them. 

Also the whole thing happens in about 2 weeks, and yes, some people might fall in love in such short a time. But when the story ended with 'I love you's I couldn't help but being suprised. 

They didn't date, they barely talked and all of sudden they said they loved each other. WTF?!

What the Fuck?

because I didn't  feel  the love. Yes, there was attraction. Yes, they liked each other (So what? I like my neighbour *NOM NOM NOM*), and there was something- something that just might develope to love if given enough time. But it wasn't there yet!

In conclusion- while it was OK, while it was good I can't help thinking there are better. 

*A review copy was provided to my by Escape Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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