Saturday, November 1, 2014

List Land #5: 10 Authors We Want to Read Part 2

So. This is the second part of the list. My part. And while we were thinking of the topic of this list I didn't realize how hard it was going to be. True, new books come out almost every single day. If you ask me I'm starting to suspect someday there will be more authors than lawyers. Which says something considering the amount of people who go to law school. 

Still. Coming up with a list of authors I want to read is harder than coming up with a list of books I want to read. Because in the end of the day thge meaning is that this, IMO, that this is an author that has more than one published book. preferably, thay are not all one series. 

But I found some! yup, I did. And how am I proud on myself like a lion that just learned how to roar!

Shall we?

1. Brandon Sanderson
I've known about him for a couple of years now. I own most of his books- the Mistborn series, Warbreaker, Elantris, Steelheart. 
yes, I admit, I read one book by him written for teens. It was a book somewhat different from all his other books that mix sience and magic in a system of rules. Which is why, perhaps, I do not consider it as me reading him ever. Do not make that mistake to think the book I read wasn't great. It was really good. It's just different from his other works. 

2. Sarah Fine
Among my friends Sarah had made quite the commotion. First with her Guards of the Shadowlands series and then with her Of Metal and Wishes book it became clear the woman's got the talent. So yeah, she's on my reading list. In the VIP list.

3. Nichole Chase
This might be a little cheating on my part as I am reading one of her books right now but damn her Royal series sounds great (and from what I read so far it is promising). She also has more books, one of her upcoming books is one I'm waiting for eagerly- The Accidental Assassin. 

4. Leah Raeder
This is one author who made it with a big bang into the world of indie authors. I have yet to read her book Unteachable but I really do want to read her. However, she would not have made it to this list if it wasn't for the interesting premise of her upcoming book Black Iris. 

5. Noelle August
Last but not least is this writing duo of Veronica Rossi and Lorin Oberweger. I am not sure why but their first book Boomerang gave me the impression of a fun NA book and I JUST have to read it. Their second book also seems promising. Which is why I do want to read this author. That's without considering the fact the Veronica Rossi herself had been on my TBR for quite sometime becuase of her Under The Never Sky series. 

Authors that should have been on the list (but I was limited with space): Amelia Hutchins, Courtney Summers, Amy Spalding, Kelly Oram, Huntely Fitzpatrick & etc. 

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