Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Book Talk: Compulsive Buying

 So, Compulsive Buying Of Books.
 Here is the thing, I think we all in one moment or other browsed through a bookstore searching for some good book to read. Then we see a book with a beautiful cover and an inteeresting sypnosis. We go ahead and buy it. Till this moment- We have the "normal" way to buy books. 
But then it turns out this book is part of a series. Now there are a few options. 
This is where compulsive buying comes in, You see- most times whether I read the book or not I will probably buy all the books in the series. Only for someday read the first book or the second book and realize that I do not love this series and I really do wish I didn't buy it. 
Another option is that I will read the first book and love it and I will buy the other books in the series, just so that one of them in some point will disappoint me and I'll feel like I just wasted my money buying a series of 7 books when at least 3 of them I have no intention to read whatsoever. 
Of course, sometimes you actually do end up liking or even loving the series. Still, I'd say this is about 30% of the cases for me. 

Another aweful thing I do sometimes is buying all the books by the same author just because I read one book and loved it, Sometimes I do find an author to love. Other times I find I wasted money. 

And I wonder.....How can I deal with this problem? 

Right now I try my best to be more careful and buy the other books in the series one at a time. It doesn't always work. 

There are also thos times when I read the sypnosis and I know with great conviction that I'm going to love this book (sometimes I'm wrong), there are also the times when I buy a book and I feel uncertain. Then I do not buy the other books in the series. 

What about you? 

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