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Firefly Hollow by T.L. Haddix [Review by Sharon]

Author: T.L. Haddix
Series: Firefly Hollow
Number: 1
Number of pages: 354
Publisher: Streetlight Graphics Publishing
Date published: 23 September 2012
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Rating: 3 stars

"Genre: Romance with paranormal elements. 

The mysterious recluse…

Owen Campbell holds himself apart from other people. Badly scarred from emotional wounds that have never healed, he doesn’t expect to find true love or happiness. He remains isolated in a prison of his own making, determined to not let anyone close enough to hurt him again. 

But his willpower is shaken to the core when Sarah Browning enters his world. 

The girl next door…

Sarah Jane Browning is three years into her college degree when a call from home changes everything. Back at the family homestead in the heart of Appalachia, she’s forced to reevaluate her hopes and dreams for the future.

Distraction from her heartache comes in the form of her parents’ neighbor. Whispers about “odd Owen Campbell” abound in their small community, and Sarah’s curiosity is aroused. When she breaks the rules and trespasses onto his land, what she finds is beyond her wildest imaginings."


There are many reasons to love this book- the effortless beautiful writing, the paranormal side that really is just there without making a big deal out of it, the small town setting, even the time period that is mostly felt through things that are missing than being shoved down you throat. 

And still, I can't explain how annoyed I was at this book. You see, both Owen and Sara are really good together. I really loved their interactions when it was just the two of them, but whenever someone else joined to the party I felt the rage coming through. 

Sara and Owen are just so good…they are smart, kind, funny, the care for others, they are selfless they are Mary & Gary Sue. 

On their own they are OK. They can even be funny. And Sara can take care of herself. If not for one person in this story I probably wouldn't have felt it all that much. 

Sara's sister. I just hated the way she was treated. As if Sara is everything that's good and kind in the world and her sister is not. 

Even their parents acted like that and I was so angry with that. Especially with what happned to her later on. The poor girl was just not the favorite child, and was ignored, neglected and judged for it and her choices in each and every moment of her life. 

I do recommend this book, and I will read the next one. However, I warn you from the Sue syndrome here, and I really hope the next book will be without that problem. 

A review copy was kindly provided by the publisher through NetGalley. Thank you! 

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