Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Talk: What Do I look for in a MC of a Book?

I could talk all day on the various MCs there are in books. However, fact is that while I do not need to relate to the MC or even a side character in order to love or enjoy a book I do need to understand how the MC works and feel some respect to the MC.

Better yet if I feel love the MC.

So what do I look for in a MC?

It's complicated, but I will try to narrow it down. While I have never appreciated, respected or liked an MC that was weak, needy and TSTL I do not need the MC to be strong, special or remarkable.

I just need the MC to be somewhat human.

It's true that the MCs I end up loving are strong-willed, kind, smart, snarky and with some edge. I love it when a character learns and evolves through the book/series. When the character learn from mistakes and gets hurt sometimes. When the logic can be explained and what can't be explained fits with human basics behavior.

As for my favorites characters and why. Maybe that will be in another book talk....or a list.

Anyhow. How do you like your MC?

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