Saturday, October 25, 2014

List Land #5: 10 Authors We Want to Read Part 1

Books are being release every day, new authors come to light and old ones dust off their series, some are good writers some are not. Regardless, there are some authors out there with really interesting books that we want to read badly, so here they are:

1. Victoria Aveyard
    Her upcoming 2015 book the Red Queen has received really good reviews from ARC readers and the entire plot seems so interesting. Also, J.R.R Tolkien is one of Victoria's influences, so I really can't wait to read her book.

2. Kristin Hannah
   Although, her book's rating fall around 3-4 stars , her stories seem promising and heart-warming. Ever since I started working at B&N I have been shelving her books constantly. I heard really good things from customers, so I plan to read some of them soon.

3. Elin Hilderbrand
   Elin is one of those authors you hear about constantly, especially when you work at a bookstore, but never read. One of her books is in my Xmas list for 2015 (its a secret), so I am more than excited to finally read one of her amazing books.

4. Veronica Roth
    Yes, I know. I don;t like reading trilogies until they are completed and also I don;t like reading books that draw so much attention and everyone loses their minds about. BUT, I watched the movie of Divergent and that made me want to read the book (that's weird I know) therefore Veronica Roth wins a place on this list. And I plan to marathon the shit out of Divergent.

5. Marie Lu
   I think here applies the same as on Veronica Roth's summary minus the movie. Soon....

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