Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Talk: Periods of Compulsive Reading (Disorder)

Reading is in my everyday routine, I cant even imagine my day without reading not even a paragraph of a book or an article or another blogger's review. It's crazy but then again there are millions of people who think and do what I do. Read. But then again that can happen with consistency for a period of time and then suddenly and unexpectedly stop.

Sometimes I experience weeks and months of reading non stop. I can even read a book in a day if I am really in the mood or the book is really good for that matter. I will write reviews, I will search for more books to read and so on. Then one day I will just wake up and I wont pick up a new book or continue the one I would be reading at the moment. I will go like that for weeks maybe months. It happened before and I am pretty sure it will happen again and that only happens with books.

It feels like I am suddenly lacking the interest and the ''right mood'' to pick up any book. It's like I totally forget what I like about reading. Why I am reading books and its taunting. During my seasonal-book-depression (that's how I call it), I fall behind when it comes to new releases,my challenges etc and that pretty much sucks afterwards when I am back to reading books on full speed.

Does anything like this happen to you? Do you experience times of unstoppable reading just to find yourself one day with a seasonal book depression? Leave a comment below with your own experience on that matter!!!

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