Sunday, September 14, 2014

Book Talk: Hunting For The Next Great Read

So, you finished the book you were reading and went through all the stages of the post reading disorder. Laughter, obsession, over thinking, opening the book and reading favorite pages and quotes. And now, you just sit there in your bed, chair, floor, couch, lawn and feel empty inside because you simply dont know what to read next. You start new books and you stop thinking ,no, that's not it. Or maybe you did find your next great read and you are happily reading it. How the heck did you do it?

You see, once I finish a book, I can;t find one that I want to read now. I feel like I don't know what I want it to be...the genre. Do I want action, romance, sci-fi, ya, erotica, historical fiction? I simply don't know. I open books and books and read the first couple of pages and then I just put it back on my shelf because its not the one. Goodreads makes things worse. Maybe I am over thinking it, or maybe I am still a little fazed by the book I read a couple of days ago that I am not ready to move on (like I had a relationship or something haha).

Does any of you have the same issue? Do you find your next great read easily or struggle through hell and back??? 


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  1. I wish I could do that as well. Sometimes its easy to get into a new book but mostly no. I have so many books on my kindle and on my actual bookcase that I cant choose one. I wish there was a shuffle button on kindle that could just give you a book to read.